Weddings and cemeteries might not seem like they go well together, but according to this article, increasing prices for traditional wedding venues have caused couples to search elsewhere for a setting for their nuptials. Along with a typically lower price tag, cemeteries offer large green space, beautiful buildings or art, and a peaceful setting.

File:NY Marble Cemetery Open House 3.jpg

This is a photo taken at the New York Marble Cemetery in 2011. This photo shows an open house the cemetery held to help people in the area learn more about the cemetery. This cemetery also often hosts weddings in its space. (Wikimedia, Beyond My Ken)

In the survey responses, many of the folks who worked or volunteered at a cemetery knew of a wedding that happened at the cemetery. Mount Auburn Cemetery was one example and a quick Google of “Mount Auburn Wedding” will get you a myriad of beautiful photos of new couples celebrating their wedding among the tombstones. Hosting weddings at your cemetery can be a good way to offer a beautiful yet unconventional wedding venue, as well as opening a funding opportunity for the cemetery.

Practical Advice

  • If you have an appropriate space, offer your site for weddings! One of the most important considerations for having a wedding at a cemetery is what your space could accommodate. Do you have an appropriate place where one could set a lot of chairs? Is there someplace with an especially peaceful backdrop? Does your space have enough room to accomodate a large group of people? The practical aspects of hosting that many people will influence your site’s ability to successfully host an event like a wedding.
  • Have the cemetery open for ceremonies only. Receptions, since they are the party-oriented portion of the wedding, would likely be inappropriate in the tranquil cemetery setting. Ceremonies, on the other hand, are usually more reserved and quiet. If you are worried about people being too rowdy, make sure you talk with any interested couples that events held at the space should keep the sanctity of the space in mind. People who want something rowdier will likely understand a cemetery would be a inappropriate venue for them anyway.