Resources: Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries

The Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries and the Historic Cemeteries Program, managed by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, is a great resource for cemetery stewards who need help with legal questions, preservation, upkeep, or other common cemetery challenges. Worried about vandalism or how to clean historic gravestones? This is the place to check!

Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries Website

From Oregon Blue Book:

Established in 1999, the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries (OCHC) consists of seven citizens with broad knowledge of the issues relating to the preservation, restoration, upkeep and advocacy for historic burial sites and their importance in Oregon history. An historic cemetery in Oregon is one in which a burial occurred before February 14, 1909, or in which someone who died before that date is buried.

The OCHC coordinates the restoration, renovation and maintenance of historic cemeteries statewide.

They also develop and maintain a listing of historic cemeteries and gravesites in Oregon; award grants to protect and develop historic cemeteries; provide technical assistance on the care of grave markers, structures, railings and curbs, ironwork, fencing and plantings; and develop legislation that would benefit historic cemeteries.

The commission has many resources that will be help cemetery stewards across the state! Cemetery management and care can be a lot less intimidating with the support of an organization like the commission and the Historic Cemeteries Program. Make sure to check out their website and find the documents that are the most helpful to you!