Encouraging Walking and Running

Walkers and runners are folks who can both value the cemetery and be valuable to the cemetery. People who utilize the space often will invest in its care and notice any differences that need to be reported to staff or volunteers.Running

Having runners or walkers in the cemetery is easy to encourage. It can be as easy as posting a sign with instructions about when and where to run. A space with a large, designated path is likely the best for this kind of program.

Do you have a space that might be good for a 5k walk or run, even if it’s just near the cemetery? The Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago holds a yearly “Crypt Run” which takes place around the perimeter of the cemetery.

Try holding a weekly group walk event. That kind of event is easy to post on social media (and your website) and can be a good way to establish walking as an acceptable activity at the cemetery.

Remember that having local folks invest in the cemetery as a community space can be far more valuable for the future of the cemetery than the risk that comes with heavier use of the space. Make sure to read this page on relevance.